27 October 2008

Linux Mint + Plain Gnome + Lightning = lite and fast

Linux Mint
has become very popular and naturally I tempted to try it again, so recently I installed it's latest version (Linux Mint 5-r1 Elyssa) on my old laptop.

It is nice but a little bit heavy for the limited resources on my laptop.
Searching in google, I found a guide to improve the gnome performance here.

Basically it simply suggest to make gnome "plain" by turning off the menu icons, splash screen, panel animation etc, plus "using a theme which require less cpu resources".

So I did as suggested and when I was playing with Linux Mint's themes, I stumbled upon one of the included themes, named "Lightning".
When I tried this theme, suddenly everything feels lite and fast.
And I think this theme is also beautiful:

Well, thank's to Linux Mint, now I have a nice, lite and fast distro which is perfect for my old laptop.


  1. I couldn't agree more about the Lighning theme. I fell in love with it at first sight! :)