23 June 2008

Puppy Linux 4.0 on my old laptop: it's getting better

Recently I tried one of my fav distro, Puppy Linux, on my very old laptop Toshiba Tecra 8200.
And this time I found a pleasant surprise.

Previous versions of Puppy Linux always failed to boot on this laptop as they were unable to recognize the video chipset of the laptop, which is Trident Cyberblade XP.

Usually as a workaround I followed the steps as suggested in this thread and this thread in Puppy's Forum, which was basically I had to copy a working xorg.conf from other distro and then pasted it to Puppy when the booting halted.

In the newest version of Puppy Linux, the 4.0 version, I don't have to do that workaround again.
Now during booting session, the following message came out:

I just followed the instruction, then the wizard came out guiding me to choose the video/display hardware configuration:

And it works !

(Posted from Puppy Linux 4.0)