16 April 2008

Mandriva One 2008.1 and old laptop: alas ....

Several months ago, I had a chance to try running the live cd version of Mandriva One (version 2008) on my old laptop.
At that time I was very impressed, it was beautiful, very user-friendly and everything just worked flawlessly. I really like it so much that I decided to install it permanently replacing Ubuntu Gutsy.
Later on I postponed the plan in view that the new version (2008.1 Spring) was under development, I thought I better wait for it.
So when Mandriva One 2008.1 Spring was out several days ago, I was very excited.
Although I prefer the Gnome version, I also downloaded the KDE version to try this beautiful distro.

Alas, my excitement did not last long.

Both CD did not manage to boot, all I got was initial boot splash and then the booting instantly stopped, leaving the screen in black.
(Strangely both CD works fine on my desktop).

I have tried many distro on this laptop and that was the first time it failed to boot, so I was very curious.
I tried to boot using boot parameters combination (adjusting the screen resolution, set the acpi off, remove splash, etc) without any success.
For several days I tried and tried, searching any information on the net, hoping to find any clue, but so far I could not find any.

Well, for now I have to give up and forget installing this beautiful distro on my old laptop.
I guess this time I am not lucky :(


  1. Do u really love the beautiful Mandriva 2008? Do try PCLinuxOS, it's derived from Mandriva but with a popular super-ease package management of Debian (aptitude). Everything would be as beautiful as Mandriva. Anyway PCLinuxOS also come in handy liveCD. There are KDE (minime), Fluxbox (tinyflux) and Gnome edition. It's small iso anyway. Last thing of this superb linux desktop is that the easy way to remaster the liveCD u had installed. It's simple, configurable and the fastway to build your own derivative distro. Have a nice try...!

  2. Hi, thanks for your suggestion.
    Actually I have tried and used PCLOS2007 on the laptop for some times, I also tried the Gnome version.
    And yes I agree, it is a really a nice distro, especially for a beginner like me :)

  3. did you try the nomsi boot option ?

  4. You may want to try also : intel_iommu=off

    cf comment in this post :
    New updates build server

  5. @fabrice:
    So far I have tried vga=777, vga=vesa, vga=normal, acpi=off, noapic, nolapic.

    Anyway, thank's for all of your suggestions and link.
    I really appreciate it.
    I'll try it and confirm later.